In a word - Nundle!

We are nestled in the tranquil surrounds of historic Nundle. The peace and quiet, beautiful hills, and boutique businesses in and around Nundle often give visitors reason to lengthen their stay in this unique country NSW town. An easy walk from our park will take you into the heartland of craft, antiques and house ware shops, museums, restaurants, pristine swimming pool, the famous Woollen Mill and the Legendary Peel Inn.

The Region

Discover the wonders of this region by using Fossickers Tourist Park as a base to explore this area. Our town of Nundle nestles in the Tamworth region within the heart of North West NSW, also encompassing Manilla, Gunnedah, Barraba, Quirindi and the city hub of Tamworth. It’s an area renowned for its country hospitality and natural beauty. Check out nearby Chaffey Dam, a great spot for a walk or a picnic, and Sheba Dams, ideal for rainbow trout fishing.

Culture and History on our Doorstep

You don’t have to look far to experience remnants of the gold mining and grazing heritage of Nundle and surrounds. Among the oldest surviving buildings in Nundle are The Peel Inn, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores and Mount Misery Gold Mine Café. Open on Sundays, the Nundle Museum is a wonderful opportunity to see a carefully curated collection of domestic and community artefacts in the handsome former Nundle Courthouse.


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The Peel River is the star of Nundle’s natural environment. The river winds its way through our Park and the town, providing a cool respite during summer for a paddle or fish. The Riverside Walk has become a popular attraction year-round and makes for an enjoyable way to take in the river and stretch your legs. A visit to Hanging Rock is essential to take in the natural beauty of the area, including a drive to Sheba Dams for camping, fishing or swimming, Ponderosa Park to take in the pine forest plantations, picnic and camping area, or Hanging Rock Lookout for exceptional views across the Peel Valley. 

Top 10 reasons why you need to visit Nundle

  1. Beautiful natural scenery: Nundle is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including rolling hills, meadows, and forests. The region is particularly beautiful in the autumn months when the leaves turn shades of red and gold.
  2. Gold mining history: Nundle has a rich gold mining history, and visitors can explore the town's heritage by visiting historic sites such as the Nundle Gold Mine, the Peel River, and the Hanging Rock Lookout.
  3. Outdoor activities: Nundle is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, kayaking, and horse riding.
  4. Local produce: Nundle is known for its locally produced gourmet food and wine. Be sure to try the delicious local honey, jams, and cheeses.
  5. Relaxing atmosphere: Nundle has a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Take a stroll through the town's quaint streets, enjoy a coffee in one of the local cafes, or spend the afternoon browsing the boutique shops.
  6. Historical buildings: Nundle is home to many historic buildings, including the Peel Inn, which dates back to 1860. Take a walk around the town to admire the impressive architecture.
  7. Fishing: The Peel River, which runs through Nundle, is a popular spot for fishing. Visitors can catch trout, cod, and other fish species in the river.
  8. Local festivals: Nundle hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, including the Nundle Country Picnic, the Great Nundle Dog Race, and the Nundle Go For Gold Chinese Easter Festival.
  9. Cultural experiences: Nundle is home to the Nundle Woollen Mill, where visitors can learn about the history of the wool industry and see how wool products are made.
  10. Scenic drives: The region surrounding Nundle is perfect for scenic drives, with winding roads that take you through picturesque countryside and charming small towns.